Venice Biennale Wrap-up Solondz, Haynes & Ferrara <...>Fact and fantasy was stewed together to even more dazzling effect in the Dadaist collage "Birmingham Ornament," from Russian directors Andrey Silvestrov and Yuri Leiderman.

Assembled from fragments of disparate episodes–two Moscow-based newscasters speaking a highly virtuosic gibberish, a guitarist screaming out nonsense songs in Odessa, a Holocaust survivor telling his tale of horror–this brief film is a throwback to the experimental and metaphysical cinema of the 1960s and 1970s. In its irreverent blend of fiction and reality, the two directors are clearly indebted to Dusan Makavejev.<...>



  • yl2
    Юрий Лейдерман
  • tutkin
    Алексей Тютькин
  • zhizn-poeta
    Жизнь поэта
  • marchenkova
    Секс.Виктория Марченкова
  • gavrilova
    Ландшафт. Софья Гаврилова
  • rada-landar
    Отрадные истории
  • ab
    Поздно ночью с А.Баевер
  • maria-fedina
    Из гроба. Мария Федина
  • vs
  • lyusya-artemeva
    Синяя Птица